Gold is the most sought-after precious metal in the world because it can preserve the value, which is used as a means of hedging against inflation. Gold is used in various sectors these days. Some examples of this are the jewelry industry, dental technology, and the electronics industry. Gold bars represent the most cost-effective way to invest in physical gold.
We serve Institutional buyers and large investors through our metals trading desk. If you are looking to trade or acquire physical gold Bullion or Doré then, our Precious Metal Desk is ideal for you to achieve that in an effective way.
We operate in following trading hubs:
– New York
– Dubai
– Singapore
– Zurich
– London

All of the Bullion bars are refined to 99.99% fineness, and cast at LBMA accredited refineries. Their high level of purity means that these physical products are classified as investment grade.
All of the Bullion bars are uniquely marked and carry the following:
• Stamp of the refiner
• Bar weight
• Fineness
• Unique bar serial number

For the imperial orientated of you, the conversion from kilos to troy ounces is:
1 Kilogram = 32.151 Troy ounces
1 MT = 1,000.00 Kilogram
12.5Kg gold bars are recommended for institutional buyers and long-term investors.
We are in a position to offer you discounted prices due to a unique partnership between Gold suppliers and the multiple refiners of fine gold.
Provenance is important to us. Its also increasingly imported to buyers of gold who value the assurance that they are not only buying an exceptional precious metal but also making a substantial contribution to the producing mining communities. We work with FLOCERT-accredited producers of Fairtrade gold. We are leading the way in providing a broad range of ethical and safe options for physical precious metal investment.
We trade only via Brinks to Brinks, using Brinks’ Global Services for precious Metals.
We are committed to excellent customer service and providing the industry’s best research to assist our clients in making informed decisions.